Five Face Stockholm Red Lipsticks To Wear Now

Swatches of five red Face Stockholm lipsticks swatched on a person's forearm. The shades are Claret, Express, Silk, Stunning and Cranberry.

One of my favorite makeup looks is a red lip. Many are afraid of the color but this is a fear that one should endeavor to overcome. I truly believe there is a shade of red for everyone. There’s a dizzying amount of choices out there which is why I’ve decided to share my five top red lipsticks from cosmetics brand Face Stockholm. In general, their selection of lip colors is mind blowing. They’re available in several textures including matte, cream and sheer as well as some with shimmer finishes. Their flagship store is a shopping destination for makeup in Hudson NY.

There are many reds from which to choose; cool, warm, and neutral shades to suit any skin tone and mood. I have a few in my kit. They’re my go to shades for weddings and special events and for anyone wanting to make a statement with their lip makeup.

I’m nothing if not fickle so I must confess it’s hard for me to pick favorites. Once upon a time I had a film teacher who when asked what his favorite film was, he replied, “Films are like women. I love them all for different reasons. I can not say which one I love the most.” I can appreciate that honesty! His statement about film is very much how I feel about color but especially Face Stockholm’s collection of reds. Without further ado here are some of my current favorites.

A swatch red lipstick in the color Claret.

First we have Claret which is a richly pigmented cool red with pink undertones in a matte formula. Face Stockholm’s mattes apply smoothly and don’t feel drying. They’re some of the best mattes I’ve used. They’re also very long lasting. Claret is the kind of red that makes blue and green eyes look brighter. It’s a shade I wear personally and highly recommend.

A swatch of Face Stockholm red lipstick in the color Express.

Second is Express. Maybe it’s because I’m a 90’s kid but I can’t help but hear Madonna’s Express Yourself in my head when I see this color. This creamy blue based red is bold. bright and powerful just like the reds worn in her iconic music video for the song.

A swatch of red lipstick in the color Silk.

Next in line is Silk. This classic red reminds me of candy apples. The cream formula has a slight sheen but isn’t glossy. It’s perfect. I would describe this color as a goes with everything red.

A swatch of red lipstick in the color Stunning.

Following we have Stunning which is actually very similar to Claret. They are indeed sisters if one is to use a color family analogy. Stunning is a little lighter and ever so slightly less pigmented. It’s also a matte formula.

A swatch of red lipstick in the color Cranberry.

Lastly we have Cranberry. It’s in the brand’s Veil category which is their sheer lipsticks. I wanted the color to really show up for the picture so I swatched it heavily. It appears more like a muted brownish red on my light medium skin largely due to the heavy swatching. On the lips it’s still muted but has more of a reddish berry tone much like cranberries hence the name. The finish is slightly sheerer and more glossy than some of the other veil colors. A word of advice, it’s definitely worth sampling on the lips and not just swatching on your arm to get the best idea of how this color will look on you. Everyone has a different level of lip pigmentation and the beauty of these veil colors are that they meld with your natural lip tone.

There you have it I hope these swatches and descriptions of my five top red lipsticks from Face Stockholm will help you on your journey to find a formula and shade that suits you. If you do get a chance to try any of these fantastic lipsticks please let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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