Weddings In NY’s Hudson Valley, Western MA and Northwest CT

Azesha specializes in timeless bridal makeup and hair. She serves the Hudson Valley, Catskills, Berkshires and Litchfield Hills but is available for most destinations. Her clean photogenic style is fresh and contemporary. In addition to wedding day services she is available for rehearsal dinners, elopements and vow renewals. She offers beauty services for everyone from flower girls to grandmothers and can even tidy up a groom.

Azesha’s most requested looks are glowing skin and waves both loose and vintage. However, she is well versed in iconic beauty looks that span the eras and can achieve any style. No matter whether the vibes call for modern, retro, bohemian or something else entirely; Azesha has the ability to bring visions to life.

She thinks it’s important to evaluate all the visual components of a wedding when designing bridal makeup and hair. Taking inspiration from the florals, venue, time of year and featured colors are just as important as the bride‚Äôs attire.

But most importantly, the bride must feel comfortable. And because of this a collaborative process is vital. Over many conversations Azesha listens with the ultimate goal of helping brides focus their ideas to form a cohesive look they will be happy to see in pictures for years to come.

A bride with hair styled in an updo wearing a fascinator with red and white flowers.


Q. Are trials required?
A. While trials are not required they are strongly encouraged. A trial provides time to discuss looks and make adjustments before the wedding. It also allows the artist and prospective client a chance to see if they are a good fit for each other.

Q. When should a trial be scheduled?
A. It’s a good idea to schedule a trial before signing a contract. While Azesha has booked clients before scheduling trials she feels that trials before contract signing provide the best possible experience for prospective clients.

Q. What is your pricing?
A. Bridal prices start at $250. Receive a personalized quote by filling out a wedding contact form.


Makeup and Hair


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